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  • Ajman 2021

    • A happy society contributing in building a green economy backed

    • by a distinguished government in harmony with the Spirit of the Union.

     A happy society

    • A cohesive society with a positive spirit and attitude, proud of its heritage and values and responsibly communicate with elements of its environment. Society members are educated, ambitious and effectively taking part in the achievement of a comprehensive and balanced development.

     Green economy

    • An active economic movement contributing to the enhancement of sustainable development aiming to achieving prosperity in the various fields. Green economy reacts in a responsible and wise manner to preserve natural resources and adhere to societal values. It opens wide horizons for embracing national energies empowered by knowledge and technology. Green economy should be supported by modern and comprehensive governme​​nt policies and incentives.

     Distinguished government

    • The government action in Ajman is efficient and reflects the requirements of society and business environment. Ajman Government departments are led by competent national cadres equipped with knowledge and ambition. Ajman Government departments offer services that go in line with contemporary changes and the market's competitiveness. Their decisions are wisely built and plans are cleverly drowned. Processes of Ajman Government departments are governed by smart policies, together with legislations and frameworks.

    Spirit of the Union

    • The comprehensive development plans of Ajman emirate go in harmony with the UAE vision and national agenda. The roles of local governments are complementary to the role of the UAE Union. Local legislations, regulations and policies also come in line with the UAE Constitution and governing laws.