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Ajman Tourism and Renie Announce Partnership for Smart Sustainable Plastic Bottle Waste Management

Ajman Tourism and Renie Announce Partnership for Smart Sustainable Plastic Bottle Waste Management

Ajman, United Arab Emirates - January 10, 2024: The Ajman Department of Tourism Development (ADTD) has announced a significant collaboration with Renie, a leading environmental solutions provider, to address the pressing issue of plastic bottle waste management in the emirate. In a move aligned with the UAE's commitment to sustainable development, this strategic partnership aims to provide effective solutions for residents and visitors while encouraging the implementation of sustainable practices.


At a meeting held at the department's headquarters, His Excellency Mahmood Khaleel Alhashmi, Director General of ADTD, welcomed Mr. Jorden Jackers, COO of Renie, highlighting the official nature of this promising partnership.


The initiative underlines the emirate of Ajman's dedication to sustainable tourism practices, focusing on improving the overall experience for residents and visitors, supporting local communities, and promoting environmental solutions for companies and investors.


Recognizing the global challenge posed by plastic waste and its environmental impact, ADTD acknowledges the threat of plastic bottle accumulation and its detrimental effects on ecosystems worldwide. In response, the collaboration with Renie aims to implement an integrated system for collecting plastic bottles at tourism facilities  across the emirate.


As part of this initiative, Renie will install collection boxes in hotel properties throughout the emirate, offering practical solutions for both visitors and the local community. The objective is to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices in plastic bottle disposal, attracting strategic partners and fostering community participation to contribute to environmental preservation.


Expressing his enthusiasm for the initiative, His Excellency Mahmood Khaleel Alhashmi emphasized the department's view of sustainable tourism as a crucial element for a prosperous future. He praised the efforts made to achieve balanced economic growth while prioritizing environmental care and societal well-being. Alhashmi stated, “Through our collaboration with Renie, we aim to set a positive example for society and motivate other organizations to adopt sustainable practices.”


Mr. Jorden Jackers, COO of Renie, echoed optimism about the partnership's implementation, stating, “Renie is proud to collaborate with ADTD in this impactful initiative. We aspire to encourage widespread participation and contribute to creating a more sustainable future.”


ADTD invites all partners, especially those in the hotel and hospitality sector, to actively engage in this initiative. Renie will provide plastic bottle collection boxes in their work areas, and the Renie team will offer comprehensive details about the assembly system to all interested parties.


This collaboration signifies a strategic move toward making the tourism attractions in the emirate of Ajman more sustainable and environmentally conscious, with the Ajman Department of Tourism Development and Renie leading the way in this pioneering initiative.




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