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Quest for Adventure


Through a multitude of possibilities, “Quest for Adventure” provides expert innovative opportunities for learning outside the classroom with guide-led kayak or canoe tours around the mangrove forest, creeks and lagoons.

The species of mangrove found in Al Zorah is Avicennia marina, commonly known as the grey or white mangrove, due to the bark of the trees, which can appear grey or white, and grow to a height of 3-10 meters.

A large variety of rare or migratory bird species are found in the various parts of Al Zorah lagoon and mangroves, with over 58 different species of birds inhabiting this ecosystem.


Wake Board Cable Park

One of our newest attractions and definitely a thrill seeking experience for all water sport enthusiasts, is the Cable Park in Al Zorah.

Cable wakeboarding involves holding onto a rope attached to a cable mechanism, whilst standing on a board, which takes you around a circuit, often laid out with ramps and other obstacles.

A brilliant source of thrill and fun, catering to all levels of experience.



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