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Rashid Al Khader House beckons with the allure of exploring the life and legacy of this esteemed poet and delving deeper into the world of Nabati poetry and the poetic arts that have significantly influenced not only the Emirate of Ajman but also the entire Gulf region.

Rashid Al Khader House is a significant undertaking pays homage to the esteemed Emirati poet, Rashid bin Salem bin Abdul Rahman bin Gibran Al Suwaidi, born in 1905, renowned as one of the most prominent poets of Nabati poetry in the United Arab Emirates. Rashid Al Khadar was celebrated for his extraordinary poetic talent, masterful command of classical and eloquent Arabic poetry, and profound impact on the local community through his contributions to popular culture and poetic development.

The inauguration of the Rashid Al Khadar House holds great cultural importance as it offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the poet's abode, gaining insight into the intricate details of his life, particularly his poems that become cherished proverbs, often melodiously sung by artists throughout the Arabian Gulf region.

Thoughtfully restored to its original condition, the House of Rashid Al Khadar stands as a prominent historical landmark, artfully reflecting aspects of the late Emirati poet's personal and artistic life. This momentous occasion serves as a tribute to one of the Emirates' foremost Nabati poets and enriches the cultural landscape of Ajman with a noteworthy addition to its cherished landmarks.


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Getting to Rashid Al Khader House 

Located in the centre of Ajman, 7 minutes walking distance from the Ajman Museum and 3 minutes by car